IISMA 2024 is open now!

IISMA stands as a premier scholarship initiative supported by the government, overseen by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology within the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

In 2024, IISMA is calling for all eligible students to take a part in this program. UNEJ is also opening the PRA-IISMA (Program Recruitment and Application for IISMA 2024). Please keep the date in mind.

Register yourself at the following link: https://unej.id/DaftarPRAIISMA

Requirements for participating in PRA IISMA:

  1. Undergraduate students (S1) in Semester 4-6 or D3 students in Semester 4 with a GPA >3.00
  2. Obtained a recommendation from the Academic Advisor (Form attached in GForm)
  3. Attach a valid TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo Certificate until February 20, 2024
  4. Never participated in overseas exchange or offline outbound programs
  5. Attach the PROMISE Certificate

Register before the deadline: January 20, 2024

For more information, please refer to the guidebook: https://unej.id/PanduanPRAIISMA

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