International Technical and Professional Education and Training (TPET) Conference 2022

The global environment today is characterised by a constant flux of economic, digital and industry disruptions. With accelerated industry transformation, digitalisation and redesign of jobs, catalysed by Covid-19, what lies ahead for Technical and Professional Education and Training (TPET)? How should countries and institutions review and remake policies, approaches and programmes to enable smart learning and smart working for the digital economy and workplace? How should TPET institutions, policy makers and practitioners reinvent TPET and work with industry to co-create learning opportunities and synergise workplace learning and skilling for future jobs and skills? The International TPET Conference 2022 seeks to address and explore answers to these issues and opportunities, and more.

Organised by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore, the Conference spotlights how TPET systems in various countries/regions are responding to digitalisation, lifelong learning, skills displacement and renewal, and reinventing their relevance in a post Covid-19 world.

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