University of Jember (UNEJ) is granting full scholarships to international students for Undergraduate, Master and PhD program.


PhD Programs

1. Ph. D in Administration Sciences

2. Ph. D in Economics

3. Ph. D in Management

4. Ph. D In Agricultural Sciences


Master Programs

1. Master of Management

2. Master of Administration Sciences

3. Master of Agribusiness

4. Master of Agronomy

5. Master of Economics

6. Master of Accountancy

7. Master of Biology

8. Master of Mathematics

9. Master of Law (Human Right and International Trade)

10. Master of Agro-Industrial Technology

11. Master of Natural Science Education

12. Master of Social Science Education

13. Master of Mathematical Education

14. Master of Linguistics

15. Master of Biotechnology

16. Master of Health Sciences

17. Master of Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

1. Basic Science (Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)

2. Agriculture Sciences (Agroecotechnology, Agribusiness, Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvest Technology)

3. Social Sciences (Accountancy, Law, Economics, Management, Indonesian Language, Public Administration, International Relations, Business Administration, Sociology, Education Biology and Educational Mathematics)

4. Health Science (Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy)

5. Information System Study Programs,

6. Information Technology Study Program,

7. Civil-, Mechanical-, Electrical-Engineering,

The University of Jember Scholarship

The scholarship will cover the total tuition fee, living allowance, settlement, books, and air fare economic class (arrival and return) but not for other personal expenses.

Selection Criteria

1. Applicants must be a citizen of a developing countries.

2. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic excellence (most recent grades), recommendations from principals / vice principals / teachers / government officials.

3. Specific Applicants should have an IELTS score at least 5.0 (no band under 5.0 for each element) or TOEFL score at least 500.

4. Age limits vary, 40 years old for Ph.D, 35 years old for Master Program, below 22 years old for Undergraduate Program.

5. Applicants applying for Bachelor Program in Social and Natural Sciences are subject to have score at least 8.0 for their relevant courses.

6. For Master Program, applicants must demonstrate Grade Point Average (GPA) of Bachelor Degree at least 3.0 of 4.0 scales.

7. PhD applicants must have Master Degree GPA at least 3.3 of 4.0

8. Applicants applying for natural and several social Sciences (Agricultural Sciences, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Public Health, TV and Film) must not have normal vision deficiency (Dyschromacy).


 Terms and Conditions

1. Students are required to enroll in the year in which the scholarship is awarded.  The scholarship cannot be extended.

2. The scholarship will be renewed annually based on University Academic Regulation. Unsatisfactory academic performance will result in the termination of scholarship.

3. The University reserves the right to terminate the scholarship at any time if the student does not obey University rules and regulations or does not progress through programs at the normal full-time rate.

4. Students who do not meet the minimum Indonesian language proficiency requirement for their study are suggested to follow a free pre-course language program for maximum of six months course.