Studying at UNEJ

Education at UNEJ, sets strong emphasis on encouraging and stimulating students to be creative and independent thinkers. To promote this attitude, the academic curriculum focuses on a greater extent on analysis and problem solving in individual and project groups, as well as on writing reports and papers. The students should be able to work independently and to manage the time in order to complete assignments and course work according to schedule.

The lecturer designs the material, while the student will filter, absorb and learn how to apply information. The role of the lecturer is therefore to assist, inspire and guide rather than merely dictate a series of lectures. It will encourage students to express their individual opinion.

To support studying process, UNEJ has a range of academic facilities such as modern library facilities, research centers, Internet connections, conference room and video/data projection equipment provide an interactive teaching environment, campus center, and language center. All faculties fully equipped laboratories, workshops and studios allow practical engagement in every field of study.

All applicant will be study Indonesia language for 6 months before selected to be a college student in University of Jember

List of Faculties and Programs of Universitas Jember

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