Jember is a city full of wonder located in the East Java, Indonesia. Jember city is one of the city with unique culture called “Pandalungan”. This culture is merged from Javanese Culture and Maduranese Culture.  People jobs in Jember are dominated by farming, gardening, and fishing.

The most famous icon of Jember is JFC (Jember Fashion Carnival). This carnival is one of the annual events thats held every year with the help of the government. As the Forth Biggest Carnival in international level,  JFC always  become the most awaited event every year.

Jember also have some tourism spots that you can visit. We have beaches,  botanical garden, pool, waterfall and animal conservation. Like Papuma Beach, Watu Ulo Beach, Tancak Waterfall and many more.  Jember city also have many hotels for you to stay.

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